Nomadland (2020)

Opinion. Walt Whitman extolled the Open Road, a place in which the heroic refugee from some restricting Old World comes Over Here–arrives in the New World–and journeys on and on, meeting what D. H. Lawrence called Great Souls likewise thirsty for the New, the Journeyer forsaking (often gladly) a quiet life in a community because […]

Don’t Look Up (2021)

Opinion. This despairing satire, written, produced and directed by the veteran moviemaker, Adam McKay, seems one of the most pessimistic films since Dr. Strangelove. As in Kubrick’s comedy of a grand and inevitable demise of humanity, self-rendered, Twain’s mankind, no damned good after all, will not only incur their own destruction but become little more […]

The Courier (2020)

Opinion. The Courier is a movie chiefly about British businessman Greville Wynne who was recruited in the early 1960s by his own and American Intelligence to conduct during business visits to Russia the secretive back-and-forth with our highly valued informant inside the Soviet hierarchy, Colonel Oleg Penkovsky, on the command, performance details, and deployments of […]

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NOTE: Starting in September 2021, all reviews–movies, books, general culture–are listed in the order of appearance. All 248 reviews prior to that date remain listed alphabetically under “Books,” “Movies” and “Other Culture.” ABOUT: I’ve written a science fantasy novel (Heaven Engine), a mystery novel (The Old World) and a nonfiction book on the application of […]