Blog Background

Owing to recent format constraints, the history and statistics for the present blog are contained in a post shown below. Please go to “Home” and scroll to the post entitled, “About Blog/Statistics.” There have been over sixteen thousand readers of the present blog from eighty-six countries. I have reviewed over two hundred and sixty books and movies. My own books–two novels and a nonfiction book on information technology and national security strategizing–are also briefly described. I was educated at Gilmour Academy and Santa Clara University, worked in the Defense industry on arms control and on artificial intelligence applications, started a consulting company in Silicon Valley, and have been writing full time since the 1990s. Based on my second novel, Heaven Engine, I have been selected by a Barnes and Noble panel as one of thirty-six featured authors whose work includes Other Science Fiction (a hybrid of traditional novels and science fiction novels) ranging from the medieval period to 2099. Among these featured authors are Austen, Conrad, Joyce, Twain, Forster, Conan Doyle, Wells, Verne, Chesterton, Bradley and Bradbury. The present blog also contains some reviews of general culture and jazz music.